Our Team

Our executive committee meets monthly to take all essential decisions in the operation of the local party. There is also a campaign team to decide strategy and tactics for regular campaigning, surveys, petitions, by-elections and preparations for the general election.

In addition, each ward in the constituency has a group of local campaigners, who identify local issues to campaign on and organise the distribution of leaflets and other campaign materials. This includes running street stalls and being visible at community events to promote Liberal Democat values and ideas.

If you can bring some talent or expertise to our local organisation, please contact us.

Executive committee 2024

Chair: Llew Monger
Vice Chair: Anja Schaefer
Secretary: Susan Morgan
Treasurer: Andrew Ferry
Membership Development Officer and acting Data Officer: Ivo Haest
Elections Officer and acting Media Officer: John Eyres
Diversity Officer: Gurinder Wadhwa
Member of the exec: Andrew Cross
Councillor rep:    Sue Lewin

AGM group shot 2023
Members of the 2024 executive committee with Baroness Liz Barker (centre) at the 2023 AGM in Haddenham Village Hall.